Project Cane Changer

Project Overview

Project Cane Changer is an evidence-based behaviour change program for the Queensland sugar industry. It is an initiative of Queensland CANEGROWERS Organisation, carried out in partnership with Behaviour Innovation. The project is designed to better understand growers and help increase adoption of best management farming practices.

The Cane Changer project draws on evidence-based principles of psychology and human behaviour to design, implement, and evaluate an industry wide program to understand the day-to-day challenges facing cane farmers and to recognise, value and accelerate their efforts to adopt farming practices that help protect the Reef.

Growers can do this by signing their own "Cane Changer Commitment". This is a document that asks growers to record their past and ongoing commitment to change. Signing a commitment means that these growers will be recognised for the changes they have already made, and are committing to help the industry pave a path toward a brighter future.

Government officials are also asked to sign their own commitment to the industry, to recognise the cane industry for their positive change and stewardship of their land over generations.
Cane Changer commitments are just one of the strategies of Project Cane Changer. Cane Changer comprises four behaviour change strategies that are built on behavioural science evidence, and are designed to propel the Queensland cane industry forward toward positive change.

Each strategy has a range of activities that the Cane Changer team works to tailor and disseminate to cane growing regions across Queensland. The project officially commenced in early 2016 with seed funding from the Queensland Government's Department of Environment and Science.

Recent funding from the partnership between the Australian Government’s Reef Trust and the Great Barrier Reef Foundation has seen Cane Changer continue momentum in 2019 throughout the Wet Tropics while expanding further south into the Mackay, Burdekin and Southern sugarcane regions of Queensland.


The Project Team


Dr John Pickering

John is the Chief Behavioural Scientist and Director of the Cane Changer Project. He is the brain behind the world of Cane Changer, and continues to have a heavy involvement in its ongoing delivery and implementation. John can be found frequently delivering workshops and meeting with our valued project partners.

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📞 +61  407 007 744


Toneya McIntosh

Toneya is our Project Manager and is responsible for the implementation of Cane Changer strategies throughout the project districts. Toneya spends a lot of her time in Far North Queensland, running events and spending time with our valued grower and industry partners. Toneya also has a role in managing project communications. If you have a question or an idea, feel free to get in touch with Toneya via email.

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Sam Moore

Sam is a Behavioural Scientist on the Cane Changer team and is primarily responsible for project communications. Sam authors articles about positive practice changes across a range of publications. If you've recently picked up the paper and seen an article on Cane Changer, chances are Sam has had something to do with it! Sam is an active member of the field and engagement team, and contacts growers on a regular basis. If you have a question, or are just up for a chat, feel free to contact Sam via email -

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Katri Haanterä

Katri oversees the training portfolio for the project. This includes the design and implementation of training workshops for industry groups focused on enhancing the productivity and efficiency of teams through behavioural science psychological skills. To find out more, feel free to contact Katri at -

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Alanah is a Behavioural Scientist on the Cane Changer Project team. Her work largely focuses on the training portfolio, where she is involved in the design, development, and delivery of training programs and workshops for industry groups focused on enhancing the productivity and efficiency of teams through behavioural science psychological skills. To find out more, contact Alanah via email -

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Georgia is responsible for coordinating field trips, in field events, and engagement for events and workshops.

She works closely with the project manager to prepare the roll-out of behaviour change strategies and Cane Changer's on-the-ground activities. Georgia's role also includes the creation and preparation of communications content for dissemination across several platforms for a range of audiences. To find out more, feel free to contact Georgia at -

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Our Partners


It's simple. We are nothing without our partners.

Cane Changer is based on the notion that true and lasting change needs to come from within.

By making collaboration an essential part of the process, we make sure that we are working toward a future that is desirable for everyone involved. Our partners inform, shape, and lead every single aspect of the project, the whole way.

We work with everyone in the system to create the environment needed for positive change to occur. We work with leaders in the grower community, major industry bodies, government departments, and extension officers. Each is responsible for doing their bit in being the difference they wish to see in their industry, and so far, they have done just that.

Working with established partners means that we are able to draw on their decades of insight and experience. We also believe that the values of Cane Changer must continue to live on through local initiatives driven by our partners - they are the ones that are here to stay.

Here are some of our highly valued partners who are passionate about making the industry better for all. These groups are the legacy for change.