Cane Changer given green light in Proserpine

This article was originally published in the CANEGROWERS Proserpine Newsletter on 11 June 2019.

Thursday 30th May saw the most recent meeting of the CANEGROWERS Proserpine Board. The meeting covered a number of locally relevant issues and revealed optimism for the future as growers in the district are eager to jump on board with new projects and initiatives.  

In attendance were members of Project Cane Changer, a CANEGROWERS initiative that aims to recognise growers for their history of practice change and environmental stewardship, and work with them to ensure an even brighter future for their industry.

The project has been operating in the Wet Tropics for the past two years and to date, has seen more than 260 growers commit to setting the record straight about the positive changes taking place on-farm. 

“We are excited to welcome the Cane Changer team to Proserpine and are looking forward to continuing the momentum seen in the Wet Tropics locally,” said CANEGROWERS Proserpine Manager, Michael Porter.

Cane Changer Project Member, Sam Moore, was pleased the project had the support of the local board.

“We’d like to thank the CANEGROWERS Proserpine board for having us, and for committing to leading the design and implementation of the project in their region.”

“We are very excited to have the board’s support and are looking forward to working closely with them as the project continues to roll-out over the coming months.” 

What is Project Cane Changer?

Project Cane Changer is a CANEGROWERS initiative designed to better understand the challenges faced by growers and recognise them for their on-going commitment to improving practices on their farms to protect their environment.

Cane Changer officially launched in February 2017 and has since been rolled out throughout Queensland’s Wet Tropics. To date, the project has implemented well over 250 workshops to support local growers and boost participation in industry programs such as Smartcane BMP.

In the coming months, the Cane Changer team will be meeting with members of the Proserpine cane growing community to co-design and tailor the project for the district with workshops and activities to be implemented from November onwards.

“We are looking forward to establishing the project here in Proserpine, getting a fresh perspective on our industry and showcasing the achievements of our growers,” said Mr Porter.  

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