Women lead the way in CANEGROWERS record-keeping strategy

This article was originally published in the Cairns Post on 19 June 2019

Women, often the unsung heroes behind the Far North cane industry’s success, are leading the charge on a new record-keeping system.

Women play a vital role in the Queensland sugarcane industry, from driving machinery and other on-farm work to managing the record-keeping and accounting of the business.

These qualities were recently on display as women from across the Cairns district came together to learn how to keep records in line with the industry’s Smartcane BMP program.

Cairns Region Smartcane BMP facilitator, Kasey Shaw, says many families in the industry are already keeping records in line with Smartcane BMP.

“Women and families in the region have been doing some fantastic work with record-keeping and what these sessions revealed was that many are already keeping records in line with the program’s requirements,” she said.

Working through a record-keeping template

Working through a record-keeping template

“What we are trying to do with these sessions is to streamline the process of keeping records and make it as easy as possible to work the practice into your routine.

“We have developed record-keeping templates for Smartcane BMP which really come down to four simple steps - recording who carried out the task, what inputs were applied and their rates of application, when was it done, and where the farm and blocks are.”

If you’re interested in accessing the record-keeping templates or would like to find out more about Smartcane BMP or record-keeping sessions, contact the Cairns Region office on 4056 1251.

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