Cane Changer Shows Up in Tully

It’s Show Time! This week the much-anticipated Tully & District Show comes to town, celebrating its 80th anniversary and Cane Changer will be there to celebrate.

Project Cane Changer has been in the Wet Tropics for the past four months and more than 115 growers have signed up across the Innisfail, Tully and Cairns regions.

With your help, the story can grow.

Project Cane Changer will be at this year’s show and if you are a sugarcane grower this is your opportunity to find out more about the project and share your story. We want to hear from you about your experiences of farming in Tully.

Project Cane Changer aims to document the efforts the growers of Tully are making to change and improve their farming practices. We want the recognition of the industry to measure up to what’s actually being done on farm.  

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Project Cane Changer is an initiative led by CANEGROWERS and funded by the Queensland Government Department of Environment and Heritage Protection. The project is designed to better understand the day-to-day challenges faced by growers and to recognise, value and accelerate their efforts to adopt farming practices that help protect the land, and subsequently, the Great Barrier Reef.

For many growers, it is about setting the record straight. It’s about better telling the growers’ story. It’s about showing how the cane industry responds to challenges.

A focus of the project is to encourage growers to enhance their farm practice record-keeping and their willingness to share this information. These records are important evidence, evidence documenting the routine things growers are doing on farm towards the ongoing improvement of their systems and practices.

Sadly, is the issue of record-keeping that often lets the industry down in terms of being able to clearly demonstrate the changes it has made over many years.

And accreditation in programs like Smartcane BMP—the yardstick by which the whole industry is judged—is not what it could be. If it were higher, growers and the industry would both be better off.

To set the record straight, we need all growers to be part of the project and commit to keeping better records and documenting their changes.

Come visit the Cane Changer team at our show stall tomorrow to get involved and share your story! You can find us next to the freshly squeezed sugarcane juice. Alternatively, head on over to or speak to your local CANEGROWERS office about getting in touch.

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