Backing Our Growers


This article was originally published in the Cassowary Coast Independent on 23 November 2017.


Project Cane Changer has been live in the Wet Tropics for the past nine months, with more than 167 growers signed up to the project across Tully, Innisfail, Mossman, Cairns and the Herbert River districts.

Project Cane Changer is a CANEGROWERS initiative, funded by the Queensland Government Department of Environment and Heritage Protection, that works with growers to build recognition of the efforts of the farming community to improve their productivity and address their impacts on the environment.   

One of the notable challenges the Queensland sugar industry is currently faced with is its association with the Great Barrier Reef. Particularly with the concerns around water quality run-off into the Great Barrier Reef. As a result, there is increasing pressure on the industry to document and demonstrate its response to this challenge.

Project Cane Changer is providing growers the opportunity to do this.

Cane growers from all around Tully will gather tonight at the CANEGROWERS office as part of Project Cane Changer to help ‘set the record straight’ about the sugarcane industry.

Growers are invited to the meeting to document their current on-farm practices, demonstrate the changes they have made on their farms and provide feedback on some of the challenges currently facing the sugarcane industry.

Cane Changer will partner with the Wet Tropics Sugar Industry Partnership (WTSIP), a collaboration of industry bodies, productivity boards, mills, sugar research, natural resource management and government agencies. Their Extension Officers will run a workshop benchmarking grower practices.

Daryl Parker, WTSIP’s Regional Extension Officer said, “This will give growers the opportunity to update records of their farming practices, helping with working towards BMP accreditation, as well as setting the record straight for reporting on their impacts on water quality. 

With your help, the story can be stronger.

All growers are invited to come along tonight, get involved and find out more about the project.

For more details or to register head to or contact Tully CANEGROWERS office on 4068 4900