Growing Industry Unity


This article was originally published in the Innisfail Advocate on 21 October 2017.


The Innisfail CANEGROWERS Board will on Thursday host the latest workshop in a series designed to strengthen relationships within the sugarcane industry.

The workshop, to be held at the Innisfail Canegrowers office, is part of Project Cane Changer, an initiative based on behavioural science that works with growers to highlight and promote change and positivity within the industry. 

Innisfail CANEGROWERS chairman Joseph Marano says that the workshops were helping to promote industry cohesion.

“We believe it is very important to work together as an industry," he said. 

"Farmers are nothing without the mills and mills are nothing without farmers. Our relationship is better than it ever has been." 

"We still face some challenges but it is important to think as a united industry and not as individuals.”

He said the sugarcane industry currently faced a number of challenges especially around enhancing farming systems to improve farm productivity.

MSF Sugar South Johnstone Mill cane supply manager Ken Hall took part in the last workshop. He said he believed the industry was stronger when it worked together. 

"We grow together or we do not succeed," he said.

"The industry has faced a number of challenges over the years but we believe that by building cohesion and co-operation between industry groups, we can aim to build a brighter future for everyone in the community."

To find out more about the project, go to or contact your local Canegrowers office.