Passion, Pride & Positivity

Two weeks in the Wet Tropics has allowed the BI team to create and strengthen connections with the stakeholders of Project Cane Changer. But on our return home, we sought to engage with those on the frontline of the cane industry - the staff at the CANEGROWERS Headquarters. On Wednesday, 6th of July the BI team and the CANEGROWERS staff here in Brisbane came together to uncover deeper insight to the challenges and opportunities currently within the industry.

With Dr. Sue Pillans graphically recording the session, we opened questions which sought to identify how change could be adopted within the industry. Sue has taken the cane industry by storm with her graphic according across the past few months (see our previous posts!)

The most striking aspect about the discussion was the passion each staff member had for the cane industry and the growers themselves. The staff were enthusiastic and willing to share their ideas and thoughts providing us with a new perspective of the industry.

Throughout the flow of the discussion, the idea of positivity came to the surface multiple times in multiple different topics. Especially with the recent difficulties the industry has faced, it is comforting to see such a supportive and optimistic base in Brisbane who are deeply concerned with defending and promoting their constituency – the growers.

We look forward to working alongside the staff here in the CANEGROWERS Headquarters in Brisbane. We hope that we will be able to carry the same passion, pride and positivity in our endeavours of Project Cane Changer.